Top 10 Impressive Benefits For Breakthrough Organic Gardening

Droves of people are turning to organic produce as a way to feel safer about the foods they eat. People are worried about the foods they put into their bodies. Organic gardening is a sustainable way to grow your own food. You can avoid pesticides, use natural fertilizers, and reduce the use of water. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits that come with organic gardening.

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    When you garden organically, you can feel safer about the food you eat

    With all of the reports of food poisoning from fruits and vegetables, many people are worried about what they’re eating.  

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    We now know just how dangerous all of those chemicals that we spray plants on can be, too.  Many chemicals have been banned because they were shown to cause cancer!  But some of these dangerous chemicals have not yet been banned, and there may be plenty of hidden dangers that haven’t yet been discovered.

    The risks of not using organic produce are quite significant. The chemicals in these products can cause a range of health problems such as cancer and birth defects. Pesticides can also have negative effects on the environment and animals such as bees and birds. Organic produce may also be more nutritious than traditional produce because it contains more vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

    You’ll know that the food you’re feeding your family is safer and healthier than the questionable stuff you find in the grocery store.  You and your family deserve to eat food that won’t give you all cancer!

    organic gardening carrots
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    Organic gardening is better for the environment

    Organic gardening is also extremely beneficial to the environment for several reasons.  For one thing, every time you spray your plants with chemicals, those chemicals wash off of your plants and onto the ground.  From there, those chemicals wash down into the ground, and eventually make it into the groundwater!

    Organic gardening promotes biodiversity

    When the insects on your plants are poisoned, they can be eaten by birds or other animals.  These animals can then become sick and die.  If the toxicity was high enough, any animals that eat those animals might also perish.  This can have a very strong environmental impact.

    By killing too many of a certain species of insect, you can also cause an imbalance in the local wildlife.  If you and your neighbours kill off a large portion of the population of one insect, then anything that depends on that insect for food might also start to die off.  

    Then anything that depends on the second species for food might start to die.  This could spin out of control if the problem became too widespread.  

    Organic produce is known for its superior flavour

    For example, organic carrots are widely known for being much sweeter than traditionally-grown carrots. They don’t have the same bitterness that other carrots can have. This is a very good reason to grow your produce organically, even if you aren’t worried about the chemical effects on your body and the environment.

    There may be a few drawbacks to gardening organically, too. You have to deal with pests differently, and it can be a longer and more complex process to rid your plants of certain pests. Instead of picking up some chemicals, you have to be creative with the non-toxic things you use. Using companion planting helps to ward off pests by having mutually beneficial plants placed together.  

    But organic fertilizers can actually be cheaper because you can make them yourself.  Seaweed fertilizer is another tea-like fertilizer that many organic gardeners swear by.  

    And of course, there’s natural compost that can help you make use of your kitchen waste!  


    The benefits of organic gardening far outweigh the few drawbacks.  It may be a bit more work, but it is so rewarding! Organic gardening is a way of living that supports the health of our environment and ourselves. It’s about reducing our reliance on toxic chemicals, improving soil quality, increasing biodiversity, and building healthy communities. Organic produce also tastes better!

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